About the comic

The Sidekick Chronicles is a story about hating fate, avoiding prophecies, and the dangers of acting upon good intentions without thinking.

Randy was told from a very young age that his destiny was to be forever in the shade of someone else, helping them shine from the sidelines, and he’s been tired of having adventures since he started.

Arcadia was fated to be a great ruler in the Kingdom of Eluthia, but she’s not sure this whole princess business is her thing, or what to do with the Gift her fairy godmother bestowed upon her.

Demian seems to be the only one content with his fate, a hero with a heart of gold and barely enough smarts to get him through the day, but what happens when things stop happening according to plan?

As their stories intertwine and a great enemy threatens to burn down Eluthia, they will have to figure out who they are, what they want, and whether they’re ready to step away from their prophecied path and find a new way through life.


In 2019, I decided I wanted to take digital art more seriously. Then the thrice damned pandemic hit in 2020, and with lots of free time at home and little else to do, I started writing this comic, after toying with the idea for years in my head.

In 2021 I realised I wanted to tell and illustrate stories for a living, and decided to finish my script and start publishing it for free on the internet.

I hope you enjoy reading this comic as much as I enjoy making it!