CHAPTER 1 - THE DRAGON: 10. Empty sugar

4 April 2022

Ah, how the turntables 👀

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  • Wooster


    Randy: I might, however, have a counter proposal.

    Dragon: I am listening.

    Randy: How’s about I stay here, with the princess, and you leave with Demian. If you wear my scarf, he won’t be able to tell the difference.

    Dragon: I take it attention to detail isn’t exactly his thing.

    Randy: Oh you have ~NO~ idea. But it’s win win. I get out of adventuring, and you get a culinary first hand experience of the world’s culinarily delights.

    Dragon: Mm, a tempting offer, but that’s an awfully thinly veiled attempt at my hoard.

    Randy: *trademark nervous laugh*

    • indymiller


      Wellp, now I need to draw Demian’s adventures with a Suspiciously Larger and Bluer Randy

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